Welcome !

I am a postdoctoral researcher working in the theoretical astrophysics group at Caltech. My research mainly focuses on the extreme physics of compact objects using high resolution numerical simulations.  I try to understand how they evolve, emit their energetic radiation and how they influence their surroundings. I consider the entire lifecycle of compact objects from the  massive stellar progenitors to the relativistic outflows and final merger leading to gravitational wave emission.  As you can see from my  Projects, I have worked on “astronomical” range of distances, from the close surroundings of fast-rotating pulsars to the cosmological impact of supermassive black holes. While base most of my work on numerical simulations and analytic estimates, I cultivate a close connection with observational data. I develop and work with several tools to model the multi wavelength emission of the systems I model.  I enjoy working on various topics and combine different fields to perform innovative research.